Using ChatGPT to Write Posts in WordPress

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Marketing, Guides | 0 comments

ChatGPT has become a hugely popular tool in a really short amount of time. In a few seconds ChatGPT can write an article, answer your questions, even write a story for you. This has led to a lot of content producers and website owners wondering if they should be using ChatGPT to write posts on WordPress.

The short answer is, not yet, but there are plenty of ways you can use AI technology to speed up your content creation, and we’ll go through some of these in a second, but first!

Why You Shouldn’t Use ChatGPT to Create WordPress Content

While it’s true that ChatGPT (especially ChatGPT4) can write a post for you, it’s probably not the best choice, here’s a few issues with using the ChatGPT AI tool for content.

  • Similar prompts will produce similar content: Your content may not be as unique as you think it is if you’re using it to write content. If two people use the prompt “Write a blog post on XYZ”, ChatGPT wil often produce near identical results
  • It’s easy to spot AI content: AI content is still pretty formulaic, and there’s little doubt that Google can spot AI written content. While Google has said that it won’t penalize useful AI content, they also have a pretty concise list of what that constitutes, and blog content doesn’t make the cut.
  • It may be out of date: While ChatGPT is catching up, a lot of it’s data is from 2021, information can be scale
  • It’s data collection isn’t perfect: If you’ve used ChatGPT at all, you’ll realize quickly that it’s far from perfect, it can often get data points and answers wrong.
  • It’s not the most engaging: While reading AI content you’ll probably get a feeling of “meh”. It’s giving you content, sure, but it’s not as good at providing stories, context, and engaging copy that works on websites.

How you Can use ChatGPT for WordPress Content

Now we’ve got the negatives out of the way, it’s time to start covering how you can use ChatGPT, because it is an incredibly helpful tool that can help you massively increase your content output.

Edit, Edit, Edit!

If you do use ChatGPT to create content, make sure you’re ready to invest a significant amount of time editing and adding to it’s output. While the content might be a little blah, it can be a good starting point. When you use AI generated content make sure you go in editing with a heavy hand to make sure that your content is engaging, factually accurate, and includes context where needed

Article Outlines and Drafts

In a few seconds, Chat GPT can spin up a pretty solid article structure for you to write your own content. Again, you’ll want to edit it to make sure nothing is missing, but it could give you some good ideas, and point out areas you may have missed.

Likewise you can ask ChatGPT to write an article for you, that you can use as a very rough draft for your own content.


In one of my own articles recently I asked ChatGPT to give me a list of founding dates and company sizes for 50 companies. In a matter of seconds it gave me all the information I needed. This would have in the past taken at least 40 minutes to pull together. ChatGPT is a great research assistant, but just remember that you should eyeball it to make sure the answers are correct, and that more recent data might not be included!

Content Ideas

You can ask ChatGPT to spin up a list of content ideas for the topic of your site, if you’re getting generic answers improve your prompt to be more specific to what you are looking for.

Meta Content

You can ask Chat GPT to make meta descriptions and titles for your posts, again I’d recommend making sure you edit these, but it can be a great way to get new ideas for your meta content that may appear on search results or social shares.

Proof Reading and Editing

While you should always proof read and heavily edit ChatGPT generated content before you post it to WordPress, you can also ask ChatGPT to edit and proof read your own human generated content. While you may not necessarily want to use it’s advice verbatim, it can quickly spot a ton of grammatical errors.

Create Your Schema

While you may have a plugin that handles this, you can also have ChatGPT code your Schema for you!

Using a prompt such as “Write JSON-LD structured data for …” can help you generate most basic schema type code.

This leads us on to…

Let ChatGPT Code for You

People have already created plugins for their site using ChatGPT, you can ask ChatGPT to write code to perform a function for a WordPress website. You’ll definitely want to test this out, and be cautious around things that could create security vulnerabilities, but for simple things, it works!

Final Thoughts

ChatGPT is a great tool – if used wisely. It can shave a ton of time off your day, and make you way more efficient. Just remember that like all tools, it has it’s limitations. While it’s not going to create any great content for organic traffic purposes, it will help you write more content, faster, if you use it right!